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[REPORT] Violations Against Children’s Rights In Turkey

Journalist and law expert Leighann spencer has written a report for the Platfrom for Peace & Justice (PPJ) entitled “Violations Against Children’s Rights in Turkey”. The report highlights violations of fundemantal rights  of children occuring in Turkey namely imprisoned children under the age of six, abuse of the refugee children and child marriages.

There are many children’s rights violations in current-day Turkey. Pregnant and new mothers are being illegally detained, with 700 children under the age of six now in jail. Others under the age of eighteen face long periods of pre-trial detention and torture. Syrian child refugees, an at-risk population, are being subjected to sexual abuse, child labour, and other rights abuses. Child marriage remains a large concern, leading to further issues such as domestic violence, health issues, and impediments to education and employment. Nevertheless, it is encouraged by authorities. The Turkish government has also shown an unwillingness to address children in prison, and has not done enough to protect Syrian child refugees. This is by no means an exhaustive account of violations against children’s rights in Turkey, but are considered the most pressing issues which must be addressed immediately.

Download “Violations Against Children’s Rights”

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