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Peace & Justice is dedicated to developing high quality research on EU affairs focusing on foreign & security.

It was formed in 2017 in response to a widespread view in EU sphere that EU needed a non-partisan think tank providing independent, rigorous source of information and solutions to developments in particular to Turkey.

Since then, as part of still undergoing metamorphosis it was transformed to a think tank covering wider range of countries particularly in EU Neighbourhood policy and Balkans.  It aims to make democracy more coherent and effective, thus increasing basic rights. P&J represents human rights organisations in Brussels. Our network provides a platform for collaboration and solidarity in addressing human rights challenges and a common voice for human rights organisations at the European level.


P&J’s vision is that human rights and democracy are placed at the heart of the EU’s internal and external policy agenda. This vision should manifest itself in an EU which effectively protects human rights at home and is a force for positive change in the world. In pursuit of this vision, P&J aims to influence EU and EU Member States’ human rights policies.


This is a tangible recognition of the regional connectivity that both underpins and impacts on EU’s place in the world and the well-being of citizens both in and out EU. The contemporary regional strategic environment is undergoing systemic disruption by authoritarian regimes. This demands new ways of thinking and new policy settings if EU is to chart a course towards continuing prosperity and security in a stable international community. P&J is keen to contribute to that work, particularly in the face of the significant threats to humanity arising from rising authoritarianism, human rights violations and, more recently, vigilantism.

Brussels Center for Human Rights is an initiative of a group of lawyers and activists currently residing in different European countries. It aims to provide and disseminate the reliable information on developments in the fields of legislation, judiciary and human rights. With special focus on the regions of crisis in which the rule of law and human rights are in disputable state, BCHR deals with issues concerning rights of individuals and groups across the world. It gives priority in its work to promote rule of law, democratic improvement and human rights.

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About Peace & Justice

Rigorous, practical and above all, an independent research institute to promote peace, justice, democracy, the rule of law and human rights in the EU and its neighbours.


Residence Palace, Post Box 087 Wetstraat 155 1040 Brussels Belgium

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