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Platform for Peace and Justice (PPJ) has just released its report examining the state of emergency decree laws published in aftermath of the failed coup of July 15 2016. The report shows that the state of emergency decree laws dismissing tens of thousands of civil servants and bringing about comprehensive changes in the judicial and bureaucratic system were promulgated in a very short time following the declaration of the state of emergency. This calls into serious doubt that they were prepared in advance and waited for a suitable time and backdrop. This strengthens the possibility that a dictatorial power who had been preparing for a long time to change the regime and the state apparatus was planning to create the reasons for the state of emergency.

The report underlines that a new regime is being built by the AKP government by means of State of Emergency Decree Laws. A number of unlawful practices have been institutionalized issuing decree laws which establish an antidemocratic authoritarian regime says the report.


Download Construction of a New Regime By Decree Laws

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