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[OPINION] Erdogan’s Private Militia: SADAT

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[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]s a part of an international phenomena, the Turkish regime has tightened its grip on the Turkish people. As a result, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, last July, expended his authorization under the constitution and built a new army, or more precisely – a private militia. This militia has immensely served his ambition in the local and the international arena. The militia act under SADAT A. S. works under the cover of a legitimate consultancy, that provides military training services at the international and interior security sector, selling weapons and giving international army consultancy. The founder and the first director was Brigadier General Adnan Tanriverdi (Retired). He left the army in 1997, after serving as the commander of the Turkish special forces, but was ousted as a result of Islamist activities.


From the beginning, Tanriverdi knew exactly what he wanted. He took over many of the Islamists who had been fired from the Turkish army because of their Islamist activity. From the beginning, SADAT was much more than a consultancy – it had a bigger mission. In a manifesto on the company’s website, Tanriverdi wrote that, “SADAT was established to help the Muslim world reach heights that match its status and realize its destiny among the great powers”. After the failed coup attempt on July 2016, Erdoğan appointed him as his army advisor. Tanriverdi’s son, Ali Kamil Melih Tanriverdi, took over the consultancy.

The direct link between Erdoğan and SADAT’s director and the strong rumors about training ISIS fighter at this company camps brought Erdoğan’s opposition to demand explanations. In addition, last January, professor Cemil Tekeli, was arrested at Ben-Gurion airport (in Israel) because the Israeli secret service accused him of recruiting Israeli-Arabs to the Hamas terror organization. Tekeli, works for Tanriverdi’s consultancy as was published last month in the international and Israeli media. This brings us to the conclusion that Erdoğan has supported Hamas directly.


Erdoğan has not limited his influencer to only the Middle East. For a long time now, he has attempted to join the EU as well. Erdoğan and the Turkish regimes main interface with EU focuses on the passage of refugees between the Middle East and Europe that is controlled by Turkey. In exchange, Turkey receives large amounts of money from the EU. These refugees shape the structure of European society (some neighborhoods in Paris and Berlin which are the most significant examples).


The combination between both the control of the refugees that pass between Europe and the private militia needs to turn on red lights on the EU leadership. Through the private militia, who is committed to Erdoğan, can force a policy by using military forces, as what happened in Israel – Palestinian conflict and regard the rumors about training ISIS warriors. This ability, combined with the border control, make the threat of Turkey on the EU significant.

The worst scenario for the EU is to absorb refugees, after they were trained in SADAT camps. These refugees can function as sleeper terrorist cells on EU soil, and wait for Erdoğan call for action. Erdoğan can use the trained refugees to force EU to act in a way he wants, against EU interests. The fact that Erdoğan operates a private militia means that he can do everything he wants without the limitations and reviews from the other government arms.

It is highly recommended to the EU authorities to tighten monitoring of SADAT and its people and to act to limit the power have gained by them. It is important to do so before SADAT expands with arms all over EU soil, which is what will make the struggle much harder.

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