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[NEWS] Apply what you demand for Rohingya in your own country says High Commissioner of UNHRC to Turkish Gov’t


Zeid Al Ra’ad Al Hussein, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, delivered an opening speech at Human Rights Council 36th Session. In his speech, he emphasized that human rights violations make the world darker and more dangerous. Regarding Turkey, he said that Turkey’s concern for the human rights crisis in Rohingya is much appreciated. The High Commissioner asked Turkey to apply the same standards that it demands for Rohingya to its own citizens. He reminded that hundreds of journalists, thousands of academics and public servants have been arbitrarily detained. Also, Al Hussein pointed out that non-loyalist religious groups and Kurds are being persecuted. In his speech, the High Commissioner said that arrests of human rights defenders may intimidate others and the government should discontinue these practices which undermine  the vital force of an open, healthy and free society.

Al Hussein urged the Turkish government not to extend the state of emergency anymore and make sure that the established Inquiry Commission to handle complaints fully functional and independent. Finally, he informed that a report on human rights consequences of the state of emergency will be released soon by his office.

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