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Pro-Erdogan Prosecutor gave a dismissal of charges decision about a torture complaint without having investigation, 5 JANUARY 2017, TRABZON, TURKEY
Someone complained to the prosecutor about being tortured.

The following are the torture and ill-treatment that was done to complainant:

“They interrogated me three times and told me I used “bylock” [app]. The police officer punched me and said I’ll f.. you, I’ll harass you with a truncheon.”

“We’ll strip your wife, Do you want a bastard in your wifes womb, you are gonna write the names we gave you [in your statement] ” they told me.

The prosecutor decided that there is no need to prosecution.

The justification is a complete scandal and Turkey will look ridiculous in the international public opinion.

The prosecutor stated, “Although the investigation proceedings, regarding the allegations that the complainant was threatened and assaulted by the police officers in the Police Headquarters at the time of being taken into custody, is begun, Under Article 9 of Decree Law No. 667, it is stated that the persons who took the decision under the decree of this law and fulfill their duties are found to have no legal, administrative, financial and criminal responsibility due to these duties and actions, there is legal obstacle about accused officers and to prosecute the police officers for the alleged action is not possible and It has been decided that there is no need to prosecution.” in his justification.

In other words, He said Emergency State Decrees has also a torture approval in itself.

(The article is originally published on on 27 January 2015)

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