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Platform for Peace and Justice launches report on State of Emergency in Turkey


BRUSSELS– The latest report entitled, One Year On From Turkey’s State Of Emergency, is being published tomorrow on 19 July, 2019 by the Platform for Peace and Justice.

The research highlights the political landscape of Turkey since the State of Emergency was declared on 20 July, 2016, following a deadly coup attempt. The report compiles research from other institutions and media outlets on human rights violations, citing numbers including the 116,512 public servants dismissed.

“For the lifting of Turkey’s two-year state of emergency to have been anything more than a cosmetic exercise, it needed to be accompanied by urgent measures. These have not been taken. Instead Turkey’s brutal crackdown against journalists, activists, lawyers, academics and other civil society actors has continued unabated. NGOs and newspapers have been shut down and even simple celebrations such as Pride Parades have been banned or restricted. As the students of the Middle East Technical University in Ankara discovered in May, those trying to defy these bans are met with police batons and tear gas.” Stefan Simanowitz – Media Manager, Amnesty International

The report is divided into six chapters:

-Bans on Events and Assemblies

-Dismissals and Shutdowns

-Press Freedom

-Arbitrary Detentions

-Expansive Presidential Powers

-Policy recommendations

For embargoed copy and more information please contact:

Notes for editors: Platform for Peace and Justice (PPJ) is a non-profit focusing on underreported human rights violations in Turkey founded in 2017. Based in Brussels, Belgium, the organization aims to promote peace and the rule of Law in Turkey. PPJ’s contributors are academics lawyers, journalists and civil society activists.

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