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This Platform for Peace and Justice report provides a comprehensive summary of the lack of independence and impartiality of Turkey’s Criminal Peace Judgeships (CPJ). The CPJ was established in June 2014 with the exclusive power of determining pre-trial detention and release or continuation of said detention; to authorise searches, seizures, appointments of trustees, and disclaimer trials; and to examine objections against decisions given in these proceedings. Given the state of affairs in Turkey over recent years, with ever-increasing political tensions and human rights abuses, the independence and impartiality of the CPJ is necessary for a viable judicial system and fair trial. Analysis of this competence is particularly important as international courts like the European Court of Human Rights will only accept cases in which there is no viable domestic avenue. As this report shows with events, statement, facts and other material evidence, the CPJ do not meet the requirements of a ‘judge’ or a ‘court’ which are ‘independent, impartial and previously establishment by law’ vis a vis the European Convention on Human Rights or International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights.


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